Reviews of Escape Rooms Connecticut

Until you’ve been to a particular escape room, it’s tough to know whether it will be corny fun or a “Whoa – that was unreal” kind of fun.

There’s no way to know just how immersive our escape rooms are until you’ve experienced them.

Still, it may help to know what our escapees love about Escape Rooms Connecticut.

You can browse their reviews online (if you haven’t already), or you read on to see a few favorites.

“My first time doing an escape room was today. I absolutely loved it and I’m officially hooked! Cannot wait to go back next weekend to experience another room (theme). Although it was my very first time, comparing it to others I’ve heard about or have seen online, this place is by far the best.

Taylor, who was running the rooms today, was absolutely awesome. From start to finish, she was upbeat, friendly, helpful and encouraging. Employees can make or break a business. I’ve seen it first hand. She played an intricate role in my general attitude toward the experience as a whole. Thanks again!!

I highly recommend this place to everyone. Just go, you’ll love it.”

“All I can say is WOW! The directions to the location were spot on and easy to follow.The team working were kind, informative and patient. Well worth the price. Definitely great for team building or just a night out with a few friends. We will be returning. This was a great escape room!! I can go on and on about how wonderful this experience was. A night to remember for sure.”

“Amazing!! These are the best escape rooms I have ever done! They are very 3d and lifelike, and super interactive with all the pieces, and things opening and popping up from different locations. The best experience I’ve ever had. The staff is wonderful. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Everything is easy to understand. I am looking forward to completing all of their rooms and cant wait for what’s more to come :)”

“The owners have invested a tremendous amount of creativity, professionalism, and positivity to this wonderful experience. We did the relic room and with lots of fun and excitement, we were able to finish within the allotted hour with a few seconds to spare! Great family and friend fun! I highly recommend it!”

“This is a great escape room whether you have done a bunch of escape rooms or you are a new player. They really have unique puzzles so it isn’t just your standard locks. The gamemasters are also willing to be as helpful or not depending on how difficult you want the game to be. The room themes are fully immersive and you’ll find yourself already wanting to book your next game before you even finish. Great experience. Highly recommend if you are looking for something fun and interesting to do for an hour.”

“I took my daughter and 5 friends for a 13th birthday party, and everyone had a blast! Gordon was perfect-he kept things moving while not really giving anything away, and we ended up solving the room!”

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