Reviews of Escape Rooms Connecticut

Until you’ve been to a particular escape room, it’s tough to know whether it will be corny fun or a “Whoa – that was unreal” kind of fun.  There’s no way to know just how immersive our escape rooms are until you’ve experienced them.

Still, it may help to know what our escapees love about Escape Rooms Connecticut.  You can browse their reviews online (if you haven’t already), or you read on to see a few favorites.

“Certainly a must do stop on your Escape Room journey! The crew was great to speak with and spent the time with us after our game to really get a sense of what was enjoyable about the game. The room was very well laid out and a great combination of tech and traditional key lock / combinations. The immersion factor of being ‘in the moment’ was truly felt throughout the game. Nicely done and looking forward to doing another room.” – Chris Saroka (see Chris’s review on Google Maps)

“This place is FANTASTIC. I went there last night and was totally blown away by how much fun it was. The staff was courteous, helpful, and made the whole night even more fun. Besides being a great team building exercise, the challenge was impressive. I will definitely be back and bring more friends for a fun afternoon or evening.” – Bill Holodak (see Bill’s review on Google Maps)

“I frickin’ loved this. It was the ideal place to go with a group of adventurous friends that you’d love to get stuck with for an hour. 🙂 The puzzles when solved gave us a sense of accomplishment, excitement, and encouragement to proceed. If things get tough, room masters give a nudge in the right direction without hand-holding. It was perfect cooperative team building game and the puzzles were not simple, yet not overly difficult. We did the relic room and I recommended it highly to 3 groups of friends. Heck, I would pay to sit in the control room and watch my friends play haha. This was such a cool experience and I anxiously await the next one. Have a fun and engaging afternoon, followed by a nice dinner from the endless selections on Boston Post Rd. Definitely check it out. It’s the perfect weekend activity!” – Anibal Pires, Jr. (see Anibal’s review on Google Maps)

“My girlfriend and I had the pleasure of being the first people to try Escape Rooms Connecticut! We attempted to escape the Stolen Relic room, which was a fantastic Indiana Jones-like experience. Our hosts Julie and Michelle we’re friendly, helpful and provided us with great hints even though we didn’t escape quite in time, but we had so much fun trying. We cannot wait to go back and try out Sector X and The Terminal!” – Paulius Laukaitis (see Paulius’s review on Google Maps)

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