Escape Room near Meriden, CT

Serving all of New Haven County

Pandemic Price- (All games are private)

Adults, Students, or Children:  $32 per person

Sector X

Up to 8 People
Success Rate: 41% Fear Factor: Low

You are scientists assigned to the research lab aboard the Orion Space Station. You have been collecting specimens all over…

The Stolen Relic

 Up to 8 People
Success Rate: 29% Fear Factor: Low

A temple located deep in the jungles of Malaysia housed a legendary relic. A relic that has been worshiped by its people for thousands of years.

The Terminal

 Up to 10 People
Success Rate: 32% Fear Factor: Low

You are a maintenance crew called to save passengers on a New York City subway train. A power blackout in the system has ensued chaos…

The Asylum

 Up to 8 People
Success Rate: 38% Fear Factor: High

Welcome to the Asylum. Recently a group of paranormal investigators went missing after attempting to research the haunted…

All of our Escape Rooms are intended to not only entertain you but to have you be part of a story that is so meticulously designed that it makes you forget about your real life. A truly immersive Escape Room experience should appeal to as many senses as possible: sight, touch and hearing. All our Escape Rooms have been designed with your senses in mind. Your adventure awaits!