Sector X

Could You Escape from Sector X?

Up to 8 People Success Rate: 41% Fear Factor: Low


You are scientists assigned to the research lab aboard the Orion Space Station. Your team has been collecting specimens all over the universe in hopes of understanding the far reaches of the galaxy. In a turn of events, a containment chamber holding a new form of life has malfunctioned causing the specimen to escape. Your mission is to locate the rogue specimen before it reproduces and takes over the entire ship! You have one hour to restore the containment chamber and capture the specimen.

Good luck space cadets… Godspeed.

You will love this room if…

  • you are into Sci-Fi
  • you like anything alien related
  • you like TV shows like X-files and Ancient Aliens
  • you like movies like Alien, District 9 and/or Star Wars

Pandemic Price (All games are private)

Adults, Students, or Children: $32 per person

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Best Time: Sector X

Team Name: 21% ERS

Team Name: 21% ERS

Time: 32 min 42 seconds remaining

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