The Stolen Relic

Could You Escape from The Stolen Relic?

 Up to 8 People Success Rate: 29% Fear Factor: Low


A temple located deep in the jungles of Malaysia housed a legendary relic. A relic that has been worshiped by its people for thousands of years. Recently, the relic has gone missing and chaos among the people has ensued. Information about the accused thief from the locals have led to the home of a crazed Anthropologist. You are the team of detectives called in to investigate his study and seek for the stolen relic. There is only one catch… The manic thief has left traps inside the home and you only have one hour to complete your mission before the relic is lost…forever!

You will love this room if…

  • you enjoy adventurous games
  • you like archaeology
  • you like tv’s show like America Unearthed, Curse of Oak Island and/or Cooper’s Treasure
  • you like movies like Indiana Jones,Tomb Raider, National Treasure and/or The DaVinci Code

Pandemic Price (All games are private)

Adults, Students, or Children: $32 per person

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Best Time: The Stolen Relic

Team Name: Team Anonymous

Time: 24 minutes, 28 seconds remaining on the clock.

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